Posted by: Crowe | October 3, 2006

Mandriva 2007 Out Today


I got an email today from Mandriva stating that 2007 was available. I’m working on getting it to play with for 2 major reasons: LinDVD and Cedega. I also like that VMWare Player is included.

LinDVD is made by Intervideo and IMO they make the best DVD software out there. I used to use whatever software came with my laptop to watch movies until Comdex 2002 where I won a copy of WinDVD Platinum. There is an amazing difference in quality there. Also, I’ve installed dozens of linux distros and Ubuntu came closest to letting me watch DVDs, but only after a ton of work. (I’m still a linux newb.) This comes out of the box with Mandriva 2007! If they want to convert Windows users, they have to realize that we are accustomed to every one of our entertainment needs met.

Transgaming released Cedega whch allows for a linux user to play games designed for Windows without having to reboot into Windows. This is huge for me because I love to play CounterStrike: Source as much as possible (look for me as user: bcrowe / callsign: Cpl. Crowe on Steam). I also enjoy a game ot Rise of Nations or Ghost Recon (Heck, even Tribes from time to time), and now I can…even with linux. ,

Mandriva also claims that it boots 20% faster than the last version, includes Bit Defender, Kaspersky, and a better install – uninstall and update interface. It comes in many flavors available for download from their site. As soon as my DVD .iso downloads I’ll install it on something…maybe I’ll reformat the old Vista RC1 PC.  :)

Please let me know your experiences with this distro. I’d love to hear from you.




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