Posted by: Crowe | October 3, 2006

Online TV


I know, I’ve tried Viidoo and realize that the number and quality to shows there are sparse. I usually don’t watch much TV, but I ran across some sites that have a fair amount of live video feeds. I’m not sure of the legality of these sites, but some are true feeds, commercials and all, so I’ll let you decide.

1. Choose and Watch – it has a nice menu down the left side and an embedded player (Windows Media Player or Quicktime, as required) in the center of the screen. The quality is acceptable and the buffering time is low. I’m watching the Sci-Fi Channel right now and it is really pretty clear. There is a ton of music video, sports, news, and cartoons.

2. Live-Online-TV – definitely not as pretty a site. Again, tons of free music video sites, sports, news, and no HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc. Nice if you want to check game scores or follow a particular news story occasionally, but not much more than that.

3. Streamick – same channel selections as the other minus the adult content. I like the ability to watch video in full screen from this site.

4. ChannelChooser – Nice site, well laid out. Really doesn’t stream video, rather it points you to video elsewhere on the internet. (Ex. I chose HGTV and a new window popped up with and a list of their authorized how-to video offerings)

5. Imvite – lots of the same, but with the addition of CD quality radio streams similar to satellite stations.

Parents beware: There is plenty of adult content available on all of these sites by simply clicking “yeah, I’m over 18”.



  1. Here is an additional website of free tv streaming at . It plays the TV using external player, it doesn’t distribute the content of the broadcaster directly. Every channels has description, some are not. To navigate from channels to channels is very fast. Not fresh load required.

  2. actually the one I prefer isn’t listed here it’s (FreeTube) it’s probably the best out of the lot because they actually clean up the site. These other ones just seem to be cluttered in ads and chooseandwatch has kiddie porn ads, I couldn’t believe it at first so I’m definately going to that site again.

  3. *correction definitely NOT going to that site again

  4. hmm interesting is great – same as but i think its older domain.

  5. A great website where to watch free TV online it’s:

    Lot of webradio & webTV like MCM, MTV, Eurosport, ESPN, CNN, ABC, SKYNEWS, Discovery channel, Sci-fi channel, NASA TV, Research channel, and more.

  6. Channelzapper has added more than 2000 international free TV online from over 60 countries to provide live broadcasting 24/7. Members can add their favorite channels and watch TV from their own list!

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