Posted by: Crowe | January 22, 2007

Hamachi and VNC, a Great Team

HamachiI have 3 machines at home. I have a Dell PC running XP SP2, an eMac running OSX 10.4, and a Dell Latitude running Ubuntu 6.10. My work PC is a Dell Latitude D810 (also XP SP2). Hamachi has a download for all 3! (Windows, Linux, and OSx.)

Often times, I’ll be at work and forget a file on my home PC or have a need to access something on my Mac from my Ubuntu box. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to use Hamachi and VNC. I setup Hamachi on my home PC, configured a ‘new network’ through the wizard, and configured password security for computers connecting to my network. I then setup Hamachi on the other 2 boxes and my work PC and had them all connect to that network I established on my home PC. Everything is now on, for lack of a better term, a virtual LAN.

For the XP machines, I run RealVNC Server. For the Mac, Vine Server. For the Ubuntu box, whatever came with the install…I can’t remember. I prefer to use UltraVNC as my VNC viewing app, but it’s all personal preference. They have a couple of nice add-ons and a really cool ‘SingleClick‘ installer that you can email out to someone if they need remote assistance.

At any time, I may be browsing shares on my home PC, accessing the desktop on my Mac, or testing an app on my Ubuntu notebook, all remotely and more importantly, all for about 10 minutes worth of setup. I did not have to configure a ton of allow entries on my home router (although I love my router, it’s a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT!)

Go Colts! 




  1. Hi there, Can you please tell me how you configured your router?
    Im trying and tried everything but still cant get shared files.

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