Posted by: Crowe | February 15, 2007

New to Linux and live in Indy?


I have been trying our Linux distros for years. I beta tested Xandros last year and it was a great distro, but I had an older notebook laying around and installed Ubuntu 6.06 on it about 4 months ago. I fell in love with the install process and the package management compared to other distros.

One of the coolest things was that WiFi worked right off the bat. In fact by the time I installed 6.06, 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was out. I upgraded the OS through the update manager following the directions here. I didthe upgrade over Wifi! It fetches the files in advance and performs the upgrade. It took about an hour and a half, but all of my settings were maintained and no data was lost in the process. One downside to linux though is the lack of legal codecs. OGG is great, but if you have a large MP3 collection, this can be a pain. I found a great method for getting these here. This won’t be as much of an issue in the next release (April 2007, Feisty Fawn) as it will have a simplified solution for installing codecs (called EasyCodec Installation). Everything revolves around gstreamer plugins (which in a couple of years will be the only media framework that they use). Do not use Automatix if you’re a noob…it screwed up my initial install of 6.06…!
Ubuntu makes it easy to jump into linux, but if you want some more help, listen to these podcasts (They are a great way to learn about linux and what mistakes to avoid!):

Linux Action Show, LUGRadio, and LinuxReality. They are all different, but they all ROCK! (Bryan, Chris, Chess, Jono, Ade, Stuart, and Matthew…you all ROCK! Thanks for opening my eyes!)

Additionally, you could do what I do and enroll in a web-based linux class here. You could also attend a local LUG meeting. If you’re here in Indy, there is the Central IN Linux Users Group that has monthly meetings. I have not attended yet, but plan to attend the next meeting to check it out!



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