Posted by: Crowe | April 4, 2007

Java on Feisty – Finally!


As a new user to the Linux world, I decided to jump right in and replace my XP install with Ubuntu 7.04 (Herd 5 at this writing). I have been really happy except with installing Java. I downloaded the package and followed all of the directions on the Sun website, but could not get Firefox to verify installation. I repeated this process 4 times before stumbling across this blog entry. Amazing. Go to Synaptic, search for “ubuntu-restricted-extras” and mark for installation. I took all of about a minute and Java verified within 5 seconds. (and additionally installs M$ Corefonts and MP3 support!)

The community support is what has eased my transition and has really drawn me into the “Open-Source” world.

Ubuntu Rocks! The linux community Rocks! Thank you all for saving me from Vista!


-Now to get a real video card (NVidia) so I can get CounterStrike Source running under Wine!


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