Posted by: Crowe | October 1, 2007

Ubuntu Tutorials @ Tweako


While gearing up for the 7.10 release of Ubuntu, I ran across a pretty neat site. is “A user-powered site, and social network, serving guides, tutorials, and more in all categories of computing, technology, and the Internet.” It’s a bit slim in some areas, but a great idea. (It is really more of a searchable index of tutorials found elsewhere online.) My favorite part is that it’s a common spot for Linux, Windows and Mac users all to find answers about their individual environments.

So, if your looking for advice on setting up VMWare on Feisty or resetting the admin password on OS X or configuring a bluetooth connection in Vista, you can find a how-to on Tweako.

This could be a great site with enough quality tutorials. Do you have a great way to do something or have figured out a solution to a common problem? Post a how-to and help us all out!

Ubuntu Tutorials on Tweako


edit: I also found tutorials on HowtoForge! All linux tutorials, but a great collection!


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