Posted by: Crowe | May 7, 2008

Xobni Beta Now Open to the Public

I’ve been beta testing Xobni for a few months now and I love it. It has saved me a ton of time with it’s email indexing and finally adding a nice threaded conversation view for all emails to a particular user in Outlook. Xobni runs quickly and efficiently for me and is highly recommended for those usng Outlook with a high volume of emails!



  1. Xobni offers the functionality that I wish would have been included in Outlook. The search is fast, and easy across all of the mailstores, the contact management is also a great tool. I find when I have it installed [there are a couple of little bugs – see my blog] I use it throughout the day.

    Now that it is in open beta if you run across the same little buglets I have let them know so they focus some attention on them.

  2. After reading your post about the issue you have with Xobni, I do have the same issue #2. Nearly everytime I fire up Outlook in the morning, I get the error that the mailbox was not shut down properly and it takes forever to load. I never put the two together, but it did start happening a few months back when I first started testing with Xobni.
    Thanks for the quality post on this fine app. I will continue to look into issue #2, but please keep me posted with any news you get!

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