Posted by: Crowe | May 7, 2008 is up…and it is nice!

I’ve been an avid listener to the Linux Action Show for a long time. Recently I’ve warmed up to Bryan and Chris’ (and John’s) CastaBlasta podcast as well.

With the release of, they have branched out a bit and now offer 2 more original podcasts that I’m very excited about:

1. Radio Revolver – Radio Revolver is a podcast that contains series of old radio shows, remastered and sounding great! Today I listened to “The Shadow – Silent Avenger”  which was released in the late 30s and it was AWESOME! Since the majority of my daily entertainment comes from either my PC or MP3 player, this is a very welcome change!

2. Mack Murphy, P.I. – This is a totally original new show set in Seattle in the 20’s. It sounds like a sort of throwback to the old radio programs with a bit of Sci-Fi thrown in! The first episode will be airing soon (May 9th!) so subscribe to the podcast now and check it out!

Great Work Guys!

Posted by: Crowe | May 7, 2008

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet


I found this the other day and it has already helped me out. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a .pdf of the most common Ubuntu commands from the terminal. Very useful! I keep a copy of it and of the general Linux commands with me in a laminated page protector for when I don’t have access to Google!   ; )

Ubuntu Chat Sheet .pdf

UNIX/ Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet .pdf

Posted by: Crowe | May 7, 2008

What can you do with your second Ethernet Port?

I saw a great article today on about what to do with your second NIC. This was a really cool article and something I’ll be trying on my test PC in the near future! My scenario is that I want to use my WiFi connection to reach my PC in the garage and then my NIC to bridge out to a switch so I can run my other test boxes! Right now I have DD-WRT setup in my house and in my garage and have the garage AP setup in WDS mode. It works, but this just simplifies things a bit!

Article here!


Posted by: Crowe | January 28, 2008

Zune Sotware Update to 2.3 today!

Zune Logo Small

Update via 2.3 Update Thread Here 

Zune Software Update Coming Today – 2.3 FINALLY!


  • Fixed top crashing bugs submitted by users
  • Fixed bug where Zune software thinks the device memory is full (but isn’t)

Key Marketplace fixes

  • Allow users to view top music videos in marketplace
  • Misc improved error messaging including splitting sign-in issues into 4 separate errors for customer and support benefit
  • Resolved most cases where retrieval of subscription download history stalls
  • Better handling of accounts that have expired credit cards
  • Podcasts with spaces in their name can now be subscribed to
  • Marketplace no longer blocks explicit content purchases when parental controls are set to allow
  • Points balance label is now updated when user purchases new points

Key Player UI fixes

  • Allow zooming in/out (2x, 4x, fullscreen) during video playback to prevent stretched playback
  • Ability to switch Zune to GDI mode through command-line parameter

Key Podcast fixes

  • Allow subscriptions to podcasts larger than 10MB
  • Fixed some parsing errors that prevented some podcasts from syncing to the device
  • Fixed bug where podcasts were unsubscribing themselves

Key Setup fixes

  • Fixed numerous bugs affecting build to build upgrades
  • Improved installation for users accessing from corporate networks
  • Fixed driver uninstall failures
  • Included device 2.3 firmware in client download
  • Failure in creating system restore point no longer blocks client installation

Key Sync fixes

  • Fixed issues with reverse sync
  • Fixes issues with sync meter UI showing incorrect information as to what is on the device
  • Fixed issues using wireless sync with multiple devices to the same PC
  • Fixed a few different issues setting up wireless sync
  • Device is no longer being reported as full even after deleting large file from device
  • Device content is no longer being turned into guest content when it shouldn’t be
  • Content with bad metadata now shows properly so it can be removed from device
  • Turning off “autolaunch when a Zune device is connected” no longer prevents “Sync Now” from working from a wirelessly connected device
  • Podcast bookmarking is now transferred/saved to the device
  • Wireless sync connection continues to work after rebooting host computer
  • Unsubscribe podcast from device now works properly
  • Changing album art in the client now updates the device as well
  • Duplicate tracks are no longer synced to the device twice

Key Xbox Streaming bug fixes

  • Xbox Streaming now monitors the rip folder if user changes default location
  • No need to reinstall client to fix Xbox Streaming when upgrading from XP to Vista

Key Infrastructure fixes

  • Vista x64 customers can now get to web help from error messages
  • Client no longer crashes if database is corrupted

Key Library fixes

  • Changes in pictures or video metadata made outside client will now get updated in the library
  • UI is now smoother during file groveling
  • When a track is added to an album we will now always update the track on disc
  • User can now update album art for marketplace tracks
  • ‘Unknown Artist’ metadata is no longer written to files when writing out user edit of album name
  • Renaming  an artist now more reliably keeps the change
  • Two different copies of the same album no longer get duplicated down to one when it shouldn’t
  • Access violation no longer occurs when checking song properties in the burn list
  • Multi-disc albums imported from iTunes no longer show in the client as a single disc album
  • Thumbnails for video content now extract on XP properly



NewsGator recently made FeedDemon and NetNewsWire available for the first time for free!

I’ve tested a few versions FeedDemon over the years and found it to be an awesome app – probably the best desktop RSS feed aggregator for Windows out there. I’m surprised that it’s free and have already downloaded it again!

Download their products here:



Posted by: Crowe | January 10, 2008

Check Out Xobni!


I heard about Xobni through my Lifehacker RSS feed and checked out the video. The features are amazing and it appears to be completely free!

Check out the video:

What do you think? I love the threaded conversations, the contact info extraction from the email, and the social side of it all! (Plus it will fancy up my old Outlook 2003 install!) I would be interested in seeing a version for Thunderbird under linux!

Posted by: Crowe | January 7, 2008

Download XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate

MS Logo

Download XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate Here

Posted by: Crowe | January 7, 2008

Bill Gates’ Last Day @ Microsoft Video (CES 2008)

MS Logo 

Via DailyMotion

Another link to the same video @ MSN Video:

Video: Bill Gates Last Day CES Clip 

Full Keynote Here: (Requires Silverlight Install)


For those that are curious about Ubuntu but do not have a spare PC to install it on, don’t care to (or not enough RAM to) run Ubuntu as a VM, or are NOT comfortable with repartitioning a Windows box…now there’s a solution for you. WUBI.
From their site…”Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a single click. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you.”

Screens from the Install:

1. The Windows Installer


2. Setting your options. You can choose up to 30GB install size and choose between Ubuntu, Kubuntu, EDUbuntu, Xubuntu, and UbuntuStudio. Setup username/ password here. Click Install.


3. The .iso download begins. Notice it uses the alternate install as it does not require a graphical interface for install. All of the specified parameters from the first step are inserted into the text-based installer.


4. After the .iso downloads, simply reboot as requested and the installer will run through setup without prompting for input (it took about 10 minutes on my laptop). When finished, your machine will reboot again and bring you to the boot loader options. Click Ubuntu and it fires right up.

5. Should you decide to remove Ubuntu from your system, boot into Windows , go to add/ remove Programs and uninstall WUBI. The uninstaller will also remove the Ubuntu option from the boot loader. Voila!

I tried this without issue on an XP install. If anyone tries this on a Vista box running bitlocker, I’d be interested to see what happens!

Posted by: Crowe | October 2, 2007

Garage Sale Bargain!

I’ve been looking to buy one of these for a few years but could never justify the cost.

AutoExec Desk

I got lucky this last weekend and found one at a garage sale! It is Awesome! Now I can wire up my inverter, mount my GPS, cell phone holder and MP3/ Video player.
Auto Exec Standard Mobile Desk
Retail Price: $159.00
Garage Sale:  $5.00

While I’m at it, anyone have a whip antenna for their CB that they wouldn’t mind donating…to me?

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