Posted by: Crowe | October 9, 2008

SpecOps GPUpdate 2.0 & Remote Admin are Awesome!

I’ve been a huge fan of SpecOps’ GPUpdate Utility for a long time. I blogged about it here, but the new version is amazing

GPUpdate 2.0 alone is a nice upgrade to your AD Toolbox, but coupled with the optional Remote Admin portion, it is truly awesome. To give you an example, the GPUpdate and Remote Admin utilities add funtionality to your AD Users and Computers MMC through adding options to the right-click menu.

The additional features are all useful and freely available elsewhere, but having them all together is a fantastic feature. Another cool thing is that it uses PowerShell commands. Fot hose unfamiliar (me) it’s nice to be able to see the code behing the command and be able to modify it if you choose to do so. Below is a screenshot of the new menu interface:

Another great feature is that you can define commands that you need to execute frequently and add them to the ‘Pinned List’. This adds the newly defined to the main right-click menu for convenience. One that I created is a “Please Answer the Phone” message that uses net-send to get the job done. I can select a computer, right-click, and send a message to those people who scream for help and then refuse to answer my calls for assistance. 

Note: This requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and PowerShell 1.0 be installed.

Download here:


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